Customer Relationship Management is a key factor in driving revenue and growth with your business projects. Integration into your custom processes and metrics mean a more efficient analysis of your customer's behaviors, which in turn allows you to make decisions that drive more business and build on existing relationships. Idaptic's Customer Relationship Management solution gives you full visibility into all the metrics you use to measure progress and success, all in one central location.

  • Support order management throughout the value chain
  • Seamless integration of Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • Make changes to your data capture and workflow in minutes
  • Gain real-time visibility into key performance metrics
  • Access an integrated product catalog

Idaptic's CRM solution gives you more than just a relationship management tool. Our view into Customer Relationship Management is that it should be truly integrated into your standard processes and customer relationships, so that you can have a view into each step of your business. We give you on-demand scalability; you build levels of analysis as you build business. User-integrated workflow and data capture? We've got it. We do all this with rapid integration - a matter of days, not weeks - and an even faster change management process. Idaptic offers a scalable and adaptable solution to mesh with the inner workings of your sales and account teams.

The suite of CRM offerings in Idaptic's solution include:

  • Prospect to order lifecycle management
  • Contact management and contact opportunity updates
  • Productivity management, e.g. sales costs vs. gross profit
  • Integrated document management
  • Customizable information capture
  • Customizable alerts and permissions
  • Customizable real-time quote generation
  • Integrated product catalog

With all of these tools at your disposal, Idaptic will have you utilizing your customer relationships more effectively to drive your bottom line.

  • How much: sales budget, forecast, and actual
  • How long: time to close, time per stage
  • How often: opportunity count, customer buying trends
  • What type: channel, geography, product
  • QBHC performance monitoring

CRM Highlights

  • Drive revenue and growth through Customer Relationship Management
  • Real-time visibility into key performance metrics
  • User-integrated workflow and data capture
  • Scalable and adaptable solutions to mesh with the inner workings on sales and account teams