Idaptic's technical capabilities for resellers drive two significant gains for value added partners. First, Idaptic offers in depth solutions that exceed customer expectations out of the gate. Second, Idaptic's easily configurable nature allows for continuous partner engagement with customers. More time in front of customers, rapid time to implement, more revenue. A model of partner success - that's Idaptic.

Technical solutions are only part of the equation for great partner relationships. At Idaptic, we believe that we're in this together. Whether it's providing the resources to help deliver solutions in rapid fashion, or setting up recurring sessions for new product development, feedback sessions, or training on the latest capabilities, Idaptic is driven to ensure all parties are successful. Contact us today to explore partnering with Idaptic further.

Our beliefs on partnership:
  • We are in this together. We do our part to ensure pricing is always relevant and that we maximize returns for both parties.
  • We deliver. If it's training, new development, providing support for a large customer engagement, we live up to what we promise and we deliver exactly as we said we would.
  • Our goal is a long term partnership that's fruitful for all involved.
  • Development is never done. Whether it's cutting edge communication vehicles, to new report types, to increased system capability, our development is non stop so your customers continually grow with you.
  • Customers are everything. Idaptic recognizes that winning customers is key, but retaining them for years to come is the true definition of success. From recurring system upgrades, to managing implementations, we're there when you need us.

Partnership for Success

  • We're in this together and work to maximize returns for both parties
  • We deliver - we do what we say we're going to do and provide ongoing support
  • Long-term partnership is our goal
  • Development is non-stop so your customers grow with you
  • Retaining customers for years to come is the true definition of success